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Community Alert Texting with BeAlertSMS

Community Alert

Grapevine Communications in association with Muintir na Tire offers the Gardai and Community Alerts the ability to send out group texts when a current event is happening.

No one person in the Community Alert or Residents Association need be responsible for retaining numbers or names or be available to send out group texts.

Almost 45% of Garda stations have no internet or email access but we can be reached by phone or text.

It is simple to set up a community text alert in your area.

  1. Collect phone numbers
  2. Divide numbers into area groups if needed and name.
  3. Submit lists in excel to Grapevine Communications at info@grapevinec.com
  4. We will issue a password for you and your local Garda
  5. To send out a text the community contacts their local Garda
  6. The gardai verify the text with Grapevine Communications and we send it out

Download the gardai Text Alert Guidelines here.

Community Alert

Benefits of BeAlertSMS

Currently using our service


"Grapevine Communications have provided a flawless service. There has never been even the slightest hiccup, due to your professionalism. Alerts are sent swiftly, without error. Accounts are clearly detailed, and well kept. Your service has been the keystone of the success of Text Alerts throughout the Southern Region".

Diarmuid Cronin
Community Alert Development Officer Southern Region

"I have worked closely with this company since Cobh Community Text Alert Network was launched and I have found them to be extremely professional to deal with. Their staff are extremely helpful and are always only a phonecall away. The company has shown enormous flexibility in that they operated out of hours when the need arose as a result of an emergency in Cobh earlier this year. This was very much appreciated by both the Gardai and general public in Cobh.
Grapevine Communications have contributed enormously to it's success and will have a huge role to play in it's maintenance and progression into the future. I have no concerns whatsoever about the service Grapevine Communications provide. I am grateful for their assistance, professionalism and support as the administrator of the network. I would have no hesitation In recommending their services."

Eric McCarthy
Community Garda Cobh

Thumbs Up

"I consider the system to be an excellent tool for communicating with the wider public. It allows for instant messages to be passed to areas in our communities that are remote and isolated.
The community groups are then able to pass on this vital information to a network of people within their own area, and thus the message has a vast circulation. It has proven to be an excellent tool, aiding in the detection of crime, and travelling criminals, and also acts with regard to crime prevention, as the texts increase awareness, and encourage the public to be proactive in the fight against crime.
The feedback from these groups has been 100% positive, with no negative comments on the service provided. I can only highly recommend the system, and its provider."

Damian White
Community Garda Bantry District

Here is a sample of some of the texts that we are already sending out for BeAlertSMS

"Large amount of counterfeit 50 notes in circulation please look out for 2 males travelling in black XXXX car, report any suspicious activity to your local Gardai"

"A number of burglaries occurred last night in XXX area, a green Ford Mondeo was stolen reg no XXXX, please report any sightings to your local gardai."


There are no set-up fees or monthly charges. The cost is 6 cent per text with a 160 characters considered to be one text. We operate on a prepay system where you pay whatever amount is suitable to your group (minimum payment 100 + VAT).

At the start of each month we will send you a statement of account to let you know how much credit you have left on the system and details of all messages sent out the previous month. A low balance text or email will be sent when your balance goes below 20.

We accept payment in the following methods:

- Cheque - Forward us a cheque to Unit 11 Portside, Marina Commercial Park, Cork made payable to: Grapevine Communications.

- Bank Transfer - AIB Bank, Kinsale, Cork - Sort Code: 934089 - A/C Number: 07631017

- Postal Order/Bank Draft Made Payable to Grapevine Communications

- Paypal

BeAlertSMS credit

Online Texting Service

We also provide an online texting service. In this case a garda would have a username and login for our batch sender. This would enable a garda to manage the lists and send out texts without contacting Grapevine Communications.

For information on signage and insurance, please go to the Muintir na Tire website.