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What services do you provide?

We offer both a fully managed texts service and an online texting service

Can I use both services?

No, each service has a different pricing system.

How do I know which service is right for me?

If you are able to access a computer with an internet connection, use our online texting service. If you cannot access a computer and want our customer service team to manage your lists and send out texts for you then our managed texting system is for you.

Is there a monthly charge?

There are no monthly charges or costly set-up fees.

What is the VAT rate?

The rate is 23% and is added at the point of sale.

Does Grapevine Communications adhere to data protection?

Yes we adhere to all protection legislation. We never store recipients names only their numbers and we also guarantee that we never pass any numbers on to third parties. We provide opt out options for anyone that requires that service. Link to www.dataprotection.ie

When can I contact Grapevine Communications?

We can be contacted during office hours to set up our new online service, and between 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week for all other customer service enquiries. All other enquiries via email, text or email will be queued and will be dealt with at following day during office hours.

How can I add credits to my service?

There are three main ways of putting on credit, make payment by cheque to Grapevine Communications, make payment with visa or debit card on our payments page, or pay through bank transfer.

How does the managed system work?

Once you have submitted your lists of numbers for your group we will put the lists on to our system and once this is completed you will be issued with a password to be used when you phone/e-mail or text Grapevine Communications. Then every time you need to send out a text you can make contact with Grapevine Communications, give us the information and the text will be sent out.

How does the online text service work?

Contact us and we will set up an account for you and provide you with the login details for the batch sender. After adding credit to your account you can start sending.

How much is a credit?

Grapevine Communications uses a credit based system for sending SMS messages. 1 credit will usually = 1 message, however some destinations may charge less than 1 credit and some may charge 2 or more credits per SMS message. This is dependent on the network operators in the particular region. The cost per credit depends on the number of credits that you purchase at any one time and is operated on a Pay-As-You-Go method.

How will I know if my online account is running low in credit?

You will recieve a low balance warning by email when your account is going below a certain threshold, this threshold will be determined when your account is set up typically this is enough to ensure that you have enough credit to send out a message to your entire group.

Will I be able to send out a SMS campaign even though I have no credit left?

No, you will need to top up your credit to resume service.

How do I use the batch sender?

Download step-by-step instructions to our batch sender here.

What is the Irish Country Prefix?

All Irish numbers start with 353 eg: Our mobile number is 0858139590 so our number stored in the batch sender is: 353858139590.

How many characters can be in the text?

Up to 160 characters, if it goes over this amount it will be charged as a second text.

What is the protocol for persons under 16 giving their numbers to sport-text?

When the club has agreed to register with sport-text the club will need to sign our terms and conditions, these terms and conditions outline that persons under 16 years of age will have to have parental consent given to the club before their number can be submitted to sport-text

How do I know that the recipients have received their text messages?

You do this simply by checking the delivery reports where you can easily see the delivery status of each recipient.

What do the delivery report numbers mean?

Status Number Name Description
1 Delivered Message delivered to handset.
2 Buffered Message buffered, usually because it failed first time and is now being retried.
3 Failed The message failed to deliver, possibly invalid number or other error.
5 Expired Message expired, could not be delivered within the validity period.
6 Rejected Message rejected by SMSC, treat as Failed.
7 Error SMSC error, message could not be processed this time.
11 Unknown Unknown status, automatically generated if no status has been returned from the SMSC for a long time.
12 Unknown Unknown status, SMSC returned a non standard status code.

Can I send online texts from my iphone or other smartphone?

Yes, the batch sender can be used from an iphone and other smartphones.

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