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Managed Service

Grapevine Communications offer an outsourced group texting service, therefore managers or event organizations do not need to maintain lists themselves, we will maintain all phone lists and edit the lists as necessary.

Managers and trainers, do not have to leave the training field to have a message sent out, they can contact us via, email, phone or text give us the information to be sent. Once we have your lists uploaded on the system we will issue you with a password for your list. When you need to send out a message you can email us, text us or phone us, giving the password at the start of the message.

Phone lines are open 7 days a week from 8am until 10pm, messages sent in outside of these times will be queued to go out the following morning, in exceptional circumstances we can send out messages outside of these times.

Because we are an outsourced service we always read the message to check for typos or missing information, if needs be we phone back the client to check the information is correct ensuring that all messages look professional.