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Sport-text provides all clubs the easiest way to send out group text messages via, text, email or on the phone. Sport-text has been providing clubs with the solution to group texting since 2009.


Al clubs now recognise that players now accept that in order to be kept up to date on events, training, matches etc. they will expect to receive a text message keeping them informed of such events. It is up to the manager to decide what the best method for them to use is. We here at Sport-text understand the dilemma that this expectation can present to managers. Thatís why we are here to provide you with all the help we can every step of the way.

If you wish to use our managed system, there are a couple of steps to take before you are set up on our system.

  1. Collect all the members numbers and divide them into each team e.g. U21, minors etc.

  2. Send the lists on to us preferably on excel sheet or word document.

  3. We will update your list on our database and issue the manager with a password.

  4. Then whenever you need to send a group text, phone us in or email us in or text us in the message and we will send it out.

To use our online system, contact us on 085 8139590 and we will set you up with a batch sender. This can be used on your computer or smart-phone to send out texts for your group.

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